A Comprehensive List of all of my skills

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Search Engine Optimization

Work Experience


With the ever expanding landscape of digital marketing, SEO is and has been one of the most important avenues for traffic to a website for the last 20 years.

With recent advances in technologies / AI / thought processes / algorithims, this landscape has become more complicated than ever.

Being honest and true is one of the best strategies in this realm, and will continue to be for years to come. Gaming the system may help temporary traffic, but will not help build a sustainable online presence.

A combination of technical SEO (internal/external link strategy, keyword targeting / intent, etc) as well as content strategy (does this content add value to the target audience, what is the goal of this content?) is going to be the true winner in the long war.

Favorite Tools




Photography is an expression of mine. I absolutely love the contrasting blue and orange tones, which you can find in a lot of my photos.

Photos should be modern, crisp, and interesting, sparking a memory, story or question when someone looks at it.

My Gear

Camera – Sony a7riii

Lens of choice – 80mm G Master Prime