About Me

Hi! I’m Luke Bieganek. I’m a full-stack digital marketer and I absolutely love web and technology. I’ve been doing website design and hosting professionally for over 2 years, and am always looking for ways to improve my process and outcomes.

Notable Achievements

Graduated from CSU with a bachelors in marketing

December 2022

I finally graduated college, and I can’t wait to see what is next!

Selected for the most prestigious college of business consulting program at CSU

August 2022

With a team of 3 others, we were assigned to consult the Boys and Girls Clubs of Larimer County on their marketing efforts. I was leading the digital marketing portion of the project, which included an SEO audit of their website and actionable items on how to achieve their desired outcomes.

Restructured the CSU Marketing Association

January 2020

I led the initiative to restructure the CSU Marketing Association to properly provide students with the right resources to connect with hiring companies state wide. This included a website redesign, and new management roles with comprehensible tasks that could easily be replicated semester after semester.

Co-founded and ran the first Colorado State University digital marketing agency

January 2020

With the help of a digital marketing professor, I created a club within the CSU College of Business where our main goal was to help local businesses in Fort Collins with digital marketing practices such as website design, SEO, & more. I was the President and helped other students become agency ready for when they graduate.

Graduated Highschool

May 2018

I finally graduated Highschool and I was so excited as to what would come next. In Highschool, I successfully kickstarted a prestigious video production club that eventually turned into a 3 credit class where students could learn the ins and outs of video production, as well as produce school news shows for the entire school to see. There is where I learned that I have a passion for video, design, and marketing.

Acheived the rank of Eagle Scout

September 2017

Throughout my entire life, I pursued boy scouts. I learned critical leadership skills and organization techniques that help groups of people stay on-task and stay determined.